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Resumes: Articles and Tips to Help You

When should I use an objective on my resume?

Writing a resume involves lots of choices. Functional or chronological, one page or more, all my experiences or some, template or by hand. To add to that list is whether to start with an objective or a qualifications list.

[Resume: Objective Highlighted]
Prime Real Estate:
Since you'd be putting an objective at the top
of your resume, make sure it needs to be there first.

Keep in mind that whatever appears at the top of the resume is prime real estate - it will have a strong impact on whether the person reviewing it keeps reading!

An objective may be the better choice if:

Example: “Seeking to take the next step towards product management by using my skills and recently completed degree cross-functionally to move from accounting to marketing.”

[Objectives: Goal Clarification]
Goals: What objectives tell you
An objective identifies a job-seeker's targets (long or short term),
reveals his/her values, direction and more!

Example: “Looking for an part-time entry level position at XYZ Company to prepare me for becoming a part of the management team upon college graduation.”

Example: “Find a position that allows me to advance the cause of finding new ways to advance green technology in business.”

Ultimately the choice is yours. Think about what essential things you are trying to communicate to the potential employer, then how to best get that information across.

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Photo Credits: “Lisa's Resume” - created for Career Track
and “Goals” - by Peter Griffin

Last modified on September 10, 2009